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Manufacture of high quality sterile wipes high quality sterile wipes
Ming Sheng sterile wipes - home travel essential
Strong production Strong production ① With 4500 square meters of production and office space;
② Production of clean workshop,effective quality inspection process;
③the indicators are taking the forefront of the industry.
Industry leading technology① Quality assurance - the pass rate was 99.9%;
② Production process - the most mature production management process
Quality service to provide solutions① To tailor the best alternative processing solutions;
② Help customers solve problems in the process
Perfect service system① Perfect logistics distribution center, so that you do not have the best;
② Delivery within normal production cycle;
③ Special handling of emergency orders to maximize customer benefits
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Ring Delta in the eyes of the customerRing Delta in the eyes of the customer
Solve the cleaning problem for you
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Jiangsu Kang Long Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a collection of sterile wipes on behalf of the processing custom, sterile wipes development, sterilization wipes Sold in a professional wet wipes manufacturers, the company has developed into a branch, industry and trade as one of the high-tech enterprises.
The company has a high-quality professional team, the number of full automation equipment, a set of scientific quality management system, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, standardized closed aseptic production workshop, biochemical laboratory class, enable the company to maintain a stable and efficient development of high quality and long term.
Companies pay attention to product quality, reputation; focus on the development of new products; pay attention...[Details]
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